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Hi, I'm Chris

I sit at the intersection of business, technology, and product. I am a teacher, a programmer, a problem solver, a musician, a mentor, and a business. I grow start-ups from 0 to MVP, and accelerate larger companies into their next order of magnitude.

I'm your new Outsourced CTO

I can guide your company through the early and later stages of a business growth. Are you a startup? I can help navigate the initial product build and help recruit a team internally. Are you an established agency? I can come in and help you optimize processes and technology to continue growth and productivity.

I have 20 years of experience in the tech and agency space, hold a degree in Computer Science from The Georgia Institute of Technology, spent 6 1/2 years growing and scaling VaynerMedia, and now scale and bring success to small and medium sized companies alike.

Featured Client

Roivant Sciences

Business Solutions Specalist

2020 - present
About Roivant:

Roivant is a new type of biopharmaceutical company focused on applying technology to drug development.


Tech-enable every aspect of their biopharmaceutical companies, from HR, to their R&D teams, to internal communications, and more. Increasing this challenge is what they call “Vants” -- nimble, entrepreneurial biotech and healthcare technology companies each with similar core software needs, but vastly different businesses.


Select, implement, and integrate numerous SaaS products across Roivant, Sumitovant, and their entire Vant network. I work with stakeholders to gather full product requirements and to ensure each product is selected with care, and implemented exactly to their specific needs. Each app goes through a rigorous security audit, we put together an implementation and integration plan to ensure a successful rollout that meets the business’s needs.


SaaS platforms for: HRIS, payroll, company intranet, pharmaceutical CRM, iPaaS, service desk, and ERP.

Solution Highlights

  • Architected the internal software that ran VaynerMedia during its growth from 60 to 800 people
  • Built and managed Facebook campaigns reaching over 1.5mil people while being deployed in 17 different languages/cultures
  • Built an Interventional Radiology product used in hospitals and by physicians across the country that’s still in regular use over 12 years later
  • Rebuilt the financial stack for VaynerX by introducing and automating the integration of multiple enterprise systems, saving untold hours of manual effort, process, and reconciliation time
  • Planned and instructed a 6-week course for Inclusion focused on skills that junior developers need for success! Class was free for students and available to URMs and/or low income students.

Skills and Services

  • Product planning and development
  • Developing and architecting consumer/SaaS products –from the ground up!
  • Rescuing apps built by an outside dev shop
  • Business strategy
  • Financial strategy and reconciliation
  • Structured hiring and data-drive people management
  • Building out diverse development teams and full time CTOs
  • Development with Python, Django, C#, Javascript, Node.js, React/React Native, Angular, SQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, GraphQL, AWS, PHP, WordPress, Google Analytics, Pandas, and more
  • User experience & design
  • Advising on short and long term technical decisions
  • Custom NetSuite scripting and consulting
  • Integrating external systems (Netsuite, ADP, Namely, Celigo, Zapier, REST/XML APIs, etc..)
  • Code reviews
  • Pitching investors / building decks
  • + more!

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