Teaching and Mentorship

Throughout my career I’ve focused on giving back to those around me. Being able to teach and mentor technical peers or employees is a core tenant to being a successful technologist. I regularly teach and volunteer for a non-profit coding academy and co-founded a successful mentorship meetup. Even as a sole-proprietor, I mentor several young developers on their journey.

Teaching and |Mentorship
Lecturing for Inclusion's summer curriculum.
Inclusion - Mentor & Instructor (2019-present)

In 2019, I taught an intensive 6 week curriculum focused around the software and engineering skills that most students never learn in their bootcamps. We focused on testing, CI, database design, API integrations, GitHub, team collaborations, Ethereum development, and more. I continue to guest lecture and act as a mentor for other students as well.

Opensource Mentorshop - Co-Founder (2016-2019)

In 2016 I co-founded the Opensource Mentorshop meetup designed to connect junior technologists with a diverse crew of experienced and successful professionals. OSM is an informal, diverse, and curated mentorship event providing a safe space for personal and impactful career discussions. We facilitate a place to talk about software development, career advancement, founder advice, or anything in between, and helped kick-start multiple careers through our connections.

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